Anti-Spill Balance Bowl - Toddler Treasures
Anti-Spill Balance Bowl - Toddler Treasures
Anti-Spill Balance Bowl - Toddler Treasures

Anti-Spill Balance Bowl

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Tired of cleaning up after every meal?


Let us revolutionise meal times!
  • Mess-free, Hassle-free, Stress-free! With this 100% spill proof anti-spill Baby Bowl you'll finally be able to truly enjoy those precious and intimate moments feeding your new-born baby. 
  • From infant to toddler and everything in between, spills in your home can become a thing of the past with this revolutionary plate. 
  • Using a patented spring-adjustment and shock-absorption system, this bowl is suspended on a gimbal which is connected to a rotator.
  • This rotator in turn is annexed to a spinning axis that sits secured within a gyroscopic frame. Making a long and technical story quick and easy to understand - this bowl automatically adjust to any movement and imbalance as to ensure that the actual content remains perfectly upright at all times. 


Rotating Spill-Proof Bowl – HOT MOM PICKS



High-quality product.

Material: ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic.

Size (Length x Height): approx. 17.5 x 7.5 cm.

Designed for children. Shaped like a flying saucer.

Perfect for older babies and toddlers who like to have fun while eating; it stops them getting it everywhere.

Rotating centre to prevent the spillage of food.

Safe and virtually unbreakable.

Long lasting and easy to clean.


360 degree non-spill bowl.

Material: Plastic
Age Group: Babies
Material Feature: BPA Free
Type: Dinnerware
Pattern Type: Solid
Classification: Service Plate/Tray
Function: Bowl